Table 1: C5aR2 KO on BALB/c background.

SourceDisease modelProperties of C5aR2Refs

J. Khöl’s laboratories, University of Lübeck, GermanyOVA- and HDM-induced experimental allergic asthmaDual functions: anti-inflammation on mDCs,
proinflammation on pulmonary cells
TLR induction in vitro and in vivoDual functions: anti-inflammation—C5aR2 negatively modulates TLRs-C5aR1 on PBMCs and whole blood cells; proinflammation—C5aR2 promotes HMGB1 expression[86]
Peritoneal membrane fibrosisNo function[123]
TL31 KO from Amgen, South San FranciscoDSS-induced acute colitisProinflammation[67]
Lexicon Genetics, the Woodlands, TexasOVA-sensitized, methacholine-induced asthmaProinflammation[68]
Dr. Craig Gerard, Harvard Medical School—C57BL/6 mice backcrossed to the BALB/c backgroundOX-induced experimental allergic contact dermatitisAnti-inflammation[56]
LPS-induced acute lung injuryAnti-inflammation[74]