Table 4: C5aR2 agonists and antagonists.


C5 mutant peptides
Human and murine C5aR1 and C5aR2Antagonists—block binding of C5a and C5a
des Arg to C5aRs
P32, P59—C terminal peptides
of C5a
hC5aR2Agonists—strongly stimulate the association of
hC5aR2 with β-arrestin 2
[21, 127]
LukS-PV—protein from S. aureusHuman and rabbit C5aR1
Human, macaque, and rabbit C5aR2
Antagonist of C5a-induced activation of neutrophils[48, 128]
HIgCB—protein complex from
S. aureus
Human, macaque, rabbit, and cow C5aRsAntagonist of C5a-induced activation of neutrophils[128, 129]