Journal of Immunology Research / 2018 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Adoptive Cell Therapy with Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes in Advanced Melanoma Patients

Table 1

Advanced melanoma patients’ characteristics before ACT.

PatientSexAt diagnosisAdvanced or metastatic diseaseTreatments before TILsBRAFc-KIT
LocalizationBreslow (mm)AJCC StageAgeMetastasis diagnosis to TIL injection (years)ChemotherapyAnti-CTLA4
(ipilimumab to TILs time, months)

1FScalp3II151.6FoteIpilimumab [16]RT, SurgWTWT
2FLeft ankle2NA361.6DCBBMSa [17]V600EWT
3FBack5II682.4DCB, carbo, cycloPBMSa [27]V600EWT
4FBack5.2II595.3DCB, carbo, vind, temoVacV600EWT
5FLeft leg1.21NA382.5DCB, carbo, paclitaxelRTNAWT
6FLeft foot2.85II760.1NoneNoneNoneV600EWT
7FLeft leg0.74I6210.1DCB, carboVac, AZDWTMutated
8MRight foot5.75II870.8DCB, temoIpilimumab [5]VacWTWT
9FLeft leg1.85I820.9DCBWTWT
10FRight leg3II6310.75VacWTWT

AJCC: American Joint Committee on Cancer; AZD: NCT00338130 study (AstraZeneca AZD 6244 versus temo); BMS: study (dacarbazine + ipilimumab 10 mg/kg versus dacarbazine + placebo); carbo: carboplatin; cycloP: cyclophosphamide; DCB: dacarbazine; Fote: fotemustine; NA: data not available; RT: radiotherapy; Surg: surgery; temo: temozolomide; Vac: vaccination; vind: vindesine; WT: wild type. aPatient in the dacarbazine + ipi arm.