Research Article

PYR-41 and Thalidomide Impair Dendritic Cell Cross-Presentation by Inhibiting Myddosome Formation and Attenuating the Endosomal Recruitments of p97 and Sec61 via NF-κB Inactivation

Figure 4

Treatment with PYR-41 or thalidomide inhibits DC cross-presentation. Murine bone marrow-derived DC (cultured for 4 d) conferred thalidomide (30 μM), PYR-41 (5 μM), or DMSO treatment prior to ovalbumin (50 μg/ml) or PBS pulse. The effects of PYR-41 and thalidomide on cross-presentation were determined by flow cytometric analyses (a) and confocal microscope (b), respectively. For immunofluorescence observations, cross-presented OVA was stained with red (25-D1.16), EEA1 and Rab7 are all stained with green, and nuclei were counterstained with blue (DAPI). Original magnification, ×600. Data were presented as the mean ± SEM, , , and one-way ANOVA with Newman–Keuls post test. One representative from 3 independent experiments was shown.