Journal of Immunology Research / 2018 / Article / Fig 5

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Aspergillus fumigatus Infection-Induced Neutrophil Recruitment and Location in the Conducting Airway of Immunocompetent, Neutropenic, and Immunosuppressed Mice

Figure 5

Identification of conducting airway wall neutrophils using anti-Ly6G or anti-Gr-1 antibodies. (a) Three-dimensional volume-rendering z-stack images of the conducting airway wall 6 h after the mice received A. fumigatus conidia at low (left panel, grid spacing: 20 μm) and high (middle panel, grid spacing: 5 μm) magnification showing Ly6G+ (upper row, green) or Gr-1+ cells (lower row, green), the nuclei (NucBlue, blue), and the smooth muscle layer (ActinRed, light cyan). Images of indicated neutrophils were magnified (right panels) and are presented as slices (scale bar: 5 μm). (b) Quantitative analysis of Gr-1+ and Ly6G+ cells in the conducting airway of mice just before (0 h) or 6 h after A. fumigatus conidium application. The data shown represent the average of four measurements from each independent specimen ( mice). The data were analyzed using the Mann–Whitney U test. ns: not significant.