Journal of Immunology Research / 2018 / Article / Fig 1

Research Article

Frequency of Interferon-Resistance Conferring Substitutions in Amino Acid Positions 70 and 91 of Core Protein of the Russian HCV 1b Isolates Analyzed in the T-Cell Epitopic Context

Figure 1

Frequency of amino acid substitutions in the region between aa 60 to 100 of the nucleocapsid (core) of HCV 1b, in samples collected before 2005 in the general population in Russia (“general population before 2005”; ), during 2011–2014 in Moscow/Moscow region in the general population (“general population 2011–2014”; ), and in intravenous drug users (“IDUs 2014”; ). Frequency of occurrence of R70Q/H in the group “general population before 2005” (19.6%) was significantly lower compared to “general population 2011–2014” (44.7%, ) and “IDUs 2014” (42.2%, ), while frequency of the substitution in the latter two groups did not differ.