Journal of Immunology Research / 2018 / Article / Fig 2

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Frequency of Interferon-Resistance Conferring Substitutions in Amino Acid Positions 70 and 91 of Core Protein of the Russian HCV 1b Isolates Analyzed in the T-Cell Epitopic Context

Figure 2

Prediction of binding of peptides encompassing aa 70 and 91 of nucleocapsid (core) protein of HCV 1b to HLA I alleles prevalent in the Russian population. Binding prediction was done using EPISPOT tool ( [45]). Allele frequency data is based on the data obtained from Allele Frequency Net Database [46, 47]. Predicted binding is depicted by an asterisk. HLA class I molecules binding only to the peptides containing wild-type amino acid residues R70 and/or L91 are shaded green; only variants with Q70, or H70, and/or M91 mutations, red; binding regardless of the nature of amino acid residues in positions 70 and/or 91, blue.