Research Article

Cross-Reaction, Enhancement, and Neutralization Activity of Dengue Virus Antibodies against Zika Virus: A Study in the Mexican Population

Figure 7

Neutralization of DENV by serum samples from acute-phase ZIKV-infected serum samples. Serially diluted sera from ZIKV-infected patients were mixed with of DENV2 and incubated for 1 h; these complexes were used to infect Vero cells for 24 h, and infection was evaluated by flow cytometry. (a) Representative dot plots of two ZIKV serum samples, with high (A) and low (B) neutralizing activities against DENV2. (b) Percent of neutralization of DENV2 by sera from Zika-infected patients. Neutralization was based on Vero cells infected with DENV in the absence of immune sera, considering this as the highest infection rate reached (data not shown).