Research Article

The Possible Role of Neutrophils in the Induction of Osteoclastogenesis

Figure 2

Immunohistochemical visualization of RANKL expression on LPS-stimulated cPMNs. Unstimulated (a) and LPS-stimulated (b, c) cPMNs were stained with the nuclear stain propidium iodide (PI, visualized in red) and RANKL (visualized in green). Unstimulated PMNs do not express RANKL (a). Isotype staining of stimulated cPMNs did not show any green signal (b). RANKL expression is shown here on stimulated cPMNs (indicated with arrows in (c)). Scale bars represent 37.5 μm. Here, representative micrographs of 3 independent experiments are shown. PI is visualized as red fluorescence and RANKL is visualized as green fluorescence.