Research Article

The Possible Role of Neutrophils in the Induction of Osteoclastogenesis

Figure 5

RANKL expression on IL-6- or TNF-α-stimulated cPMNs. Percentages of RANKL expression by cPMNs stimulated with IL-6 (a) or TNF-α (b) after 24 (white bars) and 48 (grey bars) are shown on the -axes. Concentrations of stimulants are shown on the -axes. Percentages (, ) of RANKL expression on live, CD66b-positive cells are shown on the -axes. Overall, no significant differences (paired one-way ANOVA) were observed between unstimulated and IL-6-stimulated conditions. The significant difference () was compared (paired one-way ANOVA) to the unstimulated condition. The employed gating strategy is shown in Supplementary Figure 1.