Figure 4: Activation of STAT3 signaling in innate lymphoid cells in response to IL-23 stimulation. (a) PBMCs from healthy donor were stimulated by 20 ng/ml of IL-23 for 15 minutes. After gating Lin-CD45+CD127+CRTH2- cells, the ILC population was further gated based on CD117 and NKp44 expression. The CD117+NKp44- ILC3 population (NCR-ILC3 phenotype) was induced by IL-23 stimulation. (b) IL-23 activated STAT3 signaling in both the CD117-NKp44- ILC1 and CD117+NKp44- ILC3 subsets. (c) After gating Lin-CD45+CD56+CD127+CRTH2- ILCs, the tyrosine phosphorylation level of STAT3 was evaluated in ILCs. Donor with A/A genotype was shown in (A), and donor with G/G genotype was demonstrated in (B). The pSTAT3 level after 15 mins or 2 hrs stimulation of IL-23 indicated there was no delayed dephosphorylation in donors, suggesting risky allele “A” carriage does not affect the dephosphorylation of STAT3 in ILCs.