Research Article

HMGB1 Recruits TET2/AID/TDG to Induce DNA Demethylation in STAT3 Promoter in CD4+ T Cells from aGVHD Patients

Figure 2

Binding level of TET2/AID/TDG in STAT3 promoter was extremely upregulated in aGVHD CD4+ T cells. (a) ChIP-qPCR analysis of the binding level of TET2/AID/TDG in the STAT3 promoter region in CD4+ T cells from patients with () or without () aGVHD. (b) DNA methylation level of STAT3 promoter in CD4+ T cells from aGVHD patients () or non-aGVHD patients () (; ). (c–e) Correlation between relative TET2, AID, and TDG enrichment and DNA methylation in STAT3 promoter in aGVHD-CD4+ T cells (; , ; , ; ) (; ); , , .