Research Article

miR-214-3p Deficiency Enhances Caspase-1-Dependent Pyroptosis of Microglia in White Matter Injury

Figure 3

Loss of miR-214-3p in microglia drives the pathogenesis of WMI. (a) Collect data from the GSE49330 database. Different expressed gene numbers between LPS treatment and PBS/IL-4 treatment. Overlapped gene numbers were in red. (b) Relative expression level of miR-214-3p from the GSE49330 database. (c) Relative expression of miR-214-3p in microglia from Ctrl and WMI mice. WMI mice were treated with 40 mg/kg agomiR-214-3p. (d) H&E staining for brain sections. (e) MBP staining for brain sections. Data are . Individual data points are displayed: .