Research Article

miR-214-3p Deficiency Enhances Caspase-1-Dependent Pyroptosis of Microglia in White Matter Injury

Figure 4

miR-214-3p mediates caspase-1 inflammasome activation in microglia. BV-2 microglia cell lines were cultured and transfected with agomir or antagomir of miR-214-3p. (a) FLICA assay staining for caspase-1 (representative dot plot). (b) FLICA assay staining for caspase-1 (statistical data). (c) Immunoblot for procaspase-1 and caspase-1 P20. (d) Relative protein level quantification by normalizing with β-actin. (e) LDH is released by microglia after ex vivo culture for 24 hours. (f) IL-1β release in culture medium. (g) IL-18 release in culture medium. Data are . Individual data points are displayed: , , and .