Research Article

miR-214-3p Deficiency Enhances Caspase-1-Dependent Pyroptosis of Microglia in White Matter Injury

Figure 6

miR-214-3p binds to NEK7 to mediate caspase-1 inflammasome activation in microglia. (a) Scheme graph for the NLRP3 complex. (b) Transcripts of NEK7, NLRP3, and ASC in microglia from Ctrl and WMI mice. (c) Immunoblot for NEK7, NLRP3, and ASC proteins in Ctrl and WMI microglia. (d) Quantification of immunoblot by normalizing with β-actin. (e) BV-2 cells were transfected with miR-214-3p agomir and antagomir. NEK7 transcripts were measured by RT-PCR. (f) Assay design for luciferase reporter assay of miR-214 and NEK7 mRNA. (g) Dual-luciferase reporter assay for the binding of miR-214 and NEK7 mRNA. (h) BV-2 cells were transfected with miR-214-3p agomir. NEK proteins were determined by immunoblot. (i) Quantification of NEK7 protein expression after miR-214-39 agomir and antagomir transfection by normalizing with β-actin. Data are . Individual data points are displayed. , , and .