Research Article

HIF-3α-Induced miR-630 Expression Promotes Cancer Hallmarks in Cervical Cancer Cells by Forming a Positive Feedback Loop

Figure 2

HIF-3α overexpression globally regulates gene expression in HeLa cells. (a) Sample correlation results showed a clear separation between HIF-3α OE and vacant samples. (b) Volcano plot showed the DEG results of HIF-3α OE and vacant samples. (c) Hierarchical clustering heat map showed the dominant upregulated genes after HIF-3α OE. (d) Top functionally enriched GO BP terms and KEGG pathways for HIF-3α upregulated genes. (e) Heat map showed the upregulated genes by HIF-3α OE. (f) Bar plot showed the expression levels of HIF1A transcripts upon HIF3A overexpression and repression.