Research Article

The Effective and Safe Way to Use Crusade Microcatheter-Facilitated Reverse Wire Technique to Solve Bifurcated Lesions with Markedly Angulated Target Vessel

Table 1

Baseline demographics and bifurcation lesions characteristics.

Case numberSexAge (years)Untargeted vesselTargeted vessel; TIMI flowProximal stenosis (%)Medina classificationTake-off angle (degrees)Carina angle (degrees)

1Male50DLAD; II1001,1,130150
2Female57LCXLAD; III901,1,055125
3Male43DLAD; II1001,1,145135
4Male66DLAD; II1001,1,145135
5Male68DLAD; III901,1,125155
6Male54DLAD; II951,1,050130
7Male80DLAD; III901,1,020160

D, diagonal branch; LAD, left anterior descending; LCX, left circumflex.