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Review Article

Bile Acid Signaling in Liver Metabolism and Diseases

Table 1

FXR target genes and their function and lipid and glucose metabolism.


Bile acid metabolismCYP7A1liverdownEncodes the rate-limiting enzyme in classic bile acid synthetic pathway
BSEPliverupRate-limiting step in canalicular bile acid transport into the gallbladder
NTCPliverdownBasolateral bile acid uptake into the hepatocytes
OSTα/βintestineupEnterocyte basolateral bile acid secretion into the portal blood
I-BABPintestineupIntracellular bile acid transport
FGF15/19intestineupBile acid synthesis inhibition
SHPliverupBile acid synthesis inhibition

Glucose metabolismPEPCKliverupGluconeogenesis
FGF15/19intestineupStimulates glycogen synthesis, repress gluconeogenesis
InsulinpancreasupGlucose metabolism

Cholesterol metabolismApoA1liverdownHDL metabolism
LDLRliverdownLDL uptake
ABCG5/G8liverupBiliary-free cholesterol secretion
SRB1liverupHepatic HDL uptake, biliary cholesterol secretion
PCSK9liverdownInduces LDL receptor degradation

Fatty acid metabolismApoC IIliverupLPL activator
ApoC IIIliverdownLPL inhibitor

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