Table 2: Genetic structuring (Analysis of Molecular Variance, AMOVA) of Acanthurus nigroris sampled at sites throughout the Pacific based on 797 bp of mtDNA cyt b sequence data ( ). All Hawaiian populations (including Johnston Atoll) and the remaining Pacific populations were divided into two separate groups to assess the relationship between these regions. : region variance component relative to total variance; : between population within region variance component divided by the sum of itself and within population variance; : sum of the variance due to region and population within region divided by the total variance.


value P value

Among regions
(Hawaii versus Pacific)
1 2543.54 15.86 95.74
Among populations
(within regions)
15 15.11 0.0097 0.06 0.035
Within populations 522 363.35 0.70 4.2

Numbers in bold are significant, .