Journal of Marine Sciences / 2012 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Sponge Farming Trials: Survival, Attachment, and Growth of Two Indo-Pacific Sponges, Neopetrosia sp. and Stylissa massa

Table 4

Mean percentage growth rates per month [%].

MethodNeopetrosia sp.S. massaHippo spongia lachne [32]Dysidea avara [6]Latrunculia welling-tonensis [17]Polymastia croceus [17]Hippo spongia and Spongia spp. [33]Mycale hentscheli [18]

HL-field106 TP34 TPX75830XX
LR-field12 TP27 TPXXXXXX
AS-field122 TP31 TP~13XXX~8X
mesh arraysXXX282311X409
HL-aquaria−13 GT−4XXXXXX
LR-aquaria16 GT−11XXXXXX
AS-aquaria−7 CT10XXXXXX

TP: Teluk Pegametan, GT: glass tank, CT: cement tank, HL (t/m/b): horizontal line (top/middle/bottom), LR: live rock, AS: artificial substrate, HC: horizontally cut, and VC: vertically cut.