Journal of Marine Sciences / 2014 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Variability in the Structure of Planktonic Microalgae Assemblages in Water Column Associated with Posidonia oceanica (L.) Bed in Tunisia

Table 3

Results of SIMPER procedure showing distribution of discriminating species between stations around Posidonia bed and unvegetated habitat.

SpeciesStations around
Posidonia bed
Unvegetated habitat
Av. AbundAv. AbundAv. DissDiss/SDContrib%Cum.%

Navicula sp. 2108.3358.3333.891.1738.0238.02
Peridinium sp. 29.1722512.921.1814.4952.51
Pleurosigma sp. 87.506.620.967.4359.94
Nitzschia fontifugua 227.7804.71.095.2865.21
Guinardia sp.44.4404.080.734.5869.79
Ostreopsis ovata 79.1703.520.643.9573.74
Spirulina subsalsa 0503.220.973.6177.35
Licmophora sp. 121.2502.890.963.2480.6
Prorocentrum lima 38.89502.810.823.1583.75
Coolia monotis 56.9402.410.942.7186.45
Polykrikos sp. 38.8901.380.641.5588.01
Prorocentrum micans 37.501.080.551.2289.22
Coscinodiscus sp. 33.3301.070.561.290.42