Table 1: Comparison of heavy metal mean content in whole A. ater with related bivalves.


A. ater1.72.570.575136500.840.31
M. chilensis1.5240.6715.72.85
M. edulis1.260.986144.75
M. galloprovincialis1.31.6182118314.156.3

Values are given in g/g dry weight. Data was taken from Tapia et al., 2010 [13] (Chili), Di Salvatore et al., 2013 [14] (Argentina), Phillips, 1976 [15] (Australia), Birch and Apostolatos, 2013 [16] (Australia), Catsiki and Florou, 2006 [17] (Greece), Szefer et al., 2002 [18] (Baltic Sea), and España et al., 2007 [19] (Chili).