Research Article

Report on 14 Large Whales That Died due to Ship Strikes off the Coast of Sri Lanka, 2010–2014

Table 1

Recorded ship strikes between whales and vessels.

Record numberDateID (species)LocationCarcass condition codeSexLengthRemark

(1)22/07/2010Blue whaleHikkaduwa3F22 MLesion on rostrum and the lower jaw was damaged
(2)17/09/2010Blue whaleMount Lavinia3F19.5 MDamaged vertebrae
(3)7/3/2010Baleen whaleKahawa4UIn an advanced state of decomposition
(4)28/08/2010Blue whaleKahawa/Seenigama3U21 MSevered in half (necropsy performed)
(5)27/09/2010Great sperm whalePinwatta5F7 MLesion on caudal peduncle. The carcass was mummified
(6)17/10/2010Blue whaleChilaw4U20.8 MDamaged rostrum
(7)4/7/2011Bryde’s whaleUswetakeiyawa2U14.8 MPart of the fluke missing with a clear lesion
(8)8/1/2011Great sperm whalePayagala2F9.14 MDamaged vertebrae (necropsy performed)
(9)17/01/2011Cuvier’s beaked whaleBatticaloa2F5.48 MDamaged vertebrae (necropsy performed)
(10)24/11/2011Blue whaleMatara3U19 MThe vertebrae were severely damaged
(11)20/03/2012Blue whaleColombo Harbour2UDraped on the bow of a ship
(12)2/4/2012Blue whaleMirissa2UFloating out at sea with a cut on the caudal peduncle
(13)23/09/2012Blue whaleWellamadama2F15 MSigns of blunt trauma aft the dorsal fin
(14)23/09/2012Blue whaleWellamadama2M7.3 MSigns of blunt trauma before the dorsal fin

Carcass condition code: 1: alive, 2: fresh dead, 3: moderate decomposition, 4: severe decomposition, 5: mummified/skeletal. Sex code: M: male, F: female, U: unidentified.