Journal of Mycology / 2013 / Article / Fig 2

Research Article

Optimizing Containment and Control of Candida parapsilosis Fungemia among Neonates in the Outbreak Setting Using a Mathematical Modeling Approach

Figure 2

Proportion of neonates ( ) in the NICU by compartment (“ ” = susceptibles; “ ” = colonized but not infected; “ ” = infected with disease as a function of time in days during a candidemia outbreak in the absence of intervention. “ ” = reservoir fomite—a colonizing pressure function and not a true state variable. (a) shows baseline model with parameters from Table 1. (b) shows that “ ” and “ ” are reduced to the same amount when the fomite rate is cut by a 1/3 and the recovery rate is increased 3-fold. (c) shows the dynamics if the readmission rate to “ ” and “ ” is decreased by 1/2. (d) shows the baseline model if individuals are also discharged from ICU when infected (i.e., adding term to (3)), with a proportionate decrease in “ ” similar to (c).