Table 3: List of constructions used and nominated strains as well.

PlasmidsConstructionsStrains used to transform constructionsGiven names expressing pGEX-4T-1 and its derivativesReferences

pGEX-4T-1E. coli BL21APK1This study
E. coli TOP10APK2This study

pSNZ1pGEX-4T-1:fibEma-BaE. coli BL21QEK1This study
E coli TOP10KE1This study

pDOK2pGEX-4T-1:fibEma-BsE. coli BL21QEK2This study
E. coli TOP10KE2This study

pDOK3pGEX-4T-1:fibEma-BlE. coli BL21QEK3This study
E. coli TOP10KE3This study

pDOK5pGEX-4T-1:fibEma-BpE. coli BL21QEK4This study
E. coli TOP10KE4This study

pDOK6pGEX-4T-1:fibE-BmE. coli BL21QEK5This study
E. coli TOP10KE5This study

pDOK7pGEX-4T-1:fibEma-BsaE. coli BL21QEK6This Study
E. coli TOP10KE6This study

pDOK8pGEX-4T-1:fibEma-BalE. coli BL21QEK7This study
E. coli TOP10KE7This study

pDOK9pGEX-4T-1:fibEma-BatE. coli BL21QEK8This Study
E. coli TOP10KE8This study