Journal of Nanomaterials / 2010 / Article / Fig 5

Research Article

Development of Near Infrared-Fluorescent Nanophosphors and Applications for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy

Figure 5

NIR imaging (a) Y2O3:YbEr-NP tablet set in the tubular sample of swine colon. Hybrid image of bright-field and NIR fluorescence is shown. (b) Bright-filed (1, 2) and NIR fluorescence (3, 4) images of Y2O3:YbEr-NP-coated clips (1, 3) and those set inside the swine colon (2, 4). Observations of (2) and (4) are from outside of the colon. Hybrid image of the Y2O3:YbEr-NP-coated clips set in the swine colon (5) are shown. Arrows in (2), (4), and (5) show the position of the clip inside swine colon. (c) Y2O3:YbEr-NP solution (10 mg/mL) injected from the reverse side of the swine colon. Bright-field (1), NIR fluorescence (2) and hybrid (3) images are shown. Observations are from outside of the colon. Arrows show the injection position of Y2O3:YbEr-NP solution inside swine colon.