Journal of Nanomaterials / 2012 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

In Vitro Biocompatibility of Endodontic Sealers Incorporating Antibacterial Nanoparticles

Table 1

Material CompositionManufacturer
Paste APaste B

AH Plus(i) Diglycidil-bisphenol-A-ether.(i) Amina 1-adamantane.AH Plus Dentsply/Maillefer,
Konstanz, Germany.
(ii) Calcium.(ii) N,N dibenzyl-5-oxanonandiamine-1,9.
(iii) Tungsten.(iii) TCD-diamine.
(iv) Zirconium oxide.(iv) Calcium tungsten.
(v) Aerosol.(v) Zirconium oxide.
(vi) Iron.(vi) Silicone oxide.
(vii) Oxide.

EpiphanyBisGMA, ethoxylated BisGMA, UDMA, hydrophilicdifunctional methacrylates.Calcium hydroxide, barium sulphate, barium glass, bismuth oxychloride, silica.Epiphany SE Pentron
Clinical Technologies, Wallingford, CT, USA.

GuttaFlow(i) Polydimethylsiloxane particles.GuttaFlow
Langenau, Germany.
(ii) Silicone.
(iii) Paraffin oil.
(iv) Platinum catalyst.
(v) Zirconium dioxide.
(vi) Nano-silver.
(vii) Gutta-percha powder.