Table 2: Resistance of SWNTs with and without an applied electric field.

Coating sampleAgilent 34401 DMMKeithley 2002 DMMComments

Unpurified pristine SWNT256 KΩ270 KΩ
Unpurified pristine SWNT*29.9 Ω29.9 ΩApplied 3 V
Fluorinated SWNT41.2 KΩ40.5 KΩ
Fluorinated SWNT*39.1 KΩ39.2 KΩApplied 3 V
COOH SWNT(S3)12.0 Ω12.0 Ω
COOH SWNT(S3)*16.1 Ω16.2 ΩApplied 3 V
COOH SWNT(S4)18.5 Ω18.2 Ω
COOH SWNT(S4)*17.8 Ω17.8 ΩApplied 3 V
Sulfonated SWNT5.34 KΩ5.29 KΩ
Sulfonated SWNT*25.6 Ω25.7 ΩApplied 3 V
Ni-SWNT17.6 Ω
Ni-SWNT*26.5 ΩApplied 3 V
Purified pristine SWNT21.5 Ω
Purified pristine SWNT*34.1 ΩApplied 3 V

*An electric field of 3 V across the fingers with a gap size of 12 mm was applied while the SWNT samples were being coated on the IDE.
Instrument used for the resistance measurement: Keithley 2002 digital multimeter and Agilent 34401 DMM.