Table 2: Electrochemical performance of S-graphene composites in the literatures.


Graphene coated by S particlesHeat mixing400 mA h/g after 40 cycles[24]
Sandwich-typeSolution-mixing505 mA h/g after 100 cycles[25]
S particles wrapped by grapheneSelf-assembly600 mA h/g after 100 cycles[26]
S particles in grapheneOil/water system620 mA h/g after 60 cycles at 1C[27]
Deposition from 950 mA h/g after 55 cycles[28]
Wrinkled laminar structureDeposition from Na2S2O3667 mA h/g after 200 cycles[29]
S particles in graphene sheetsDeposition from Na2S2O3830 mA h/g after 50 cycles[30]
S in the pores of actived grapheneMelt-diffusion1000 mA h/g after 60 cycles at 0.2C[31]
S particles on grapheneMelting diffusion957 mA h/g after 50 cycles[32]
Ternary compositesIn situ polymerization560 mA h/g after 100 cycles[33]
Sandwich-typeHeat mixing800 mA h/g after 100 cycles[34]
S in the porous grapheneMelt-diffusion755 mA h/g at 0.1C[35]