This special issue has been considered as a necessary technology which can overcome the limitations and problems of other modern technologies and lead to a new industrial revolution. The future promise of nanotechnology depends on its high multidisciplinary nature and shared knowledge and information from various fields which can be merged and used to evolve as a revolutionary new technology. Considering the potential impact of nanotechnology on future industry, many countries are investing huge research funds and resources in the field of nanotechnology as one of their top research priorities.

The aim of the special issue is to share the novel knowledge covering the state of the art on biomimetics and nanobiomaterials providing an overview on their potential applications in the industrial, biomedical, and robotic fields. The research topics covered in the special issue include bioinspired materials, devices, structures, and graphene-based materials. The special issue will present current status of the fields of biomimetics and biomaterials. This special issue will be a necessary platform for ongoing studies between researchers from different areas (chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, engineering, robotics, etc.) within biomimetic and biomaterial technologies.

We hope that this special issue reflects the current state of nanotechnology for biomimetics and biomaterials and will be a useful reference for researchers working in this research field.


The guest editors and other colleagues from various institutions offered invaluable support for peer-reviewing and the successful completion of this special issue. We sincerely thank all reviewers and authors of this special issue.

Il-Kwon Oh
Anchal Srivastava
In-Kyu Park
Michael Z. Hu