Journal of Nanomaterials / 2015 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Composite Scaffolds Based on Silver Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications

Table 1

Potential applications of the synthesized samples.

Materials Synthesis methodPotential applications

Colloidal silverChemical reductionTreatment of different infections (equivalent of antibiotics) or even cancer and so forth

COLL/AgChemical reductionSkin cancer or burns (not recommended in the case of infections because glucose and its derivatives could serve as a growth medium)
PS symmetricSkin cancer, infections associated with burns (can be used also for the people with diabetes)
PS asymmetricSkin cancer/infections (silver-rich face is in contact with the skin);
burns (silver-rich face is not in contact with the skin; Ag nanoparticles are only for their antiseptic activity)

HA/Ag or COLL/HA-AgChemical reductionTreatment of bone defects and even for bone cancer (Ag nanoparticles have antitumoral activity and antiseptic activity, respectively)
PS symmetric
PS asymmetricTreatment of bone defects and bone cancer (silver-rich face has to be in contact with cancerous tissue due to its antitumoral and antiseptic activity)