Review Article

SnO2-Based Nanomaterials: Synthesis and Application in Lithium-Ion Batteries and Supercapacitors

Figure 10

The electrochemical performance of the GNRs/SnO2 composite electrodes. The specific capacities are calculated based on the total mass of the GNRs/SnO2 composite in the anode electrodes: (a) CV curves of the first, second, and third cycles of the composite electrodes at a scan rate of 0.5 mV/s over the voltage range of 0.01~2.5 V. (b) The first, second, and 30th charge/discharge curves of the composite electrode at a rate of 100 mA/g. (c) Comparison of capacity retention and Coulombic efficiency of GNRs and the GNRs/SnO2 composite at a rate of 100 mA/g. (d) Rate capability of the composite electrodes with various current densities adapted from [78] with permission.