Research Article

Structural and Chemical Characterization of Silica Spheres before and after Modification by Silanization for Trypsin Immobilization

Figure 5

Chromatographic separation of bovine serum albumin samples hydrolyzed by trypsin immobilized on silanized silica by ultrafast liquid chromatography (a). Sequencing of [M + H]+ = 1567.7 Da molecular component obtained by the bovine serum albumin hydrolysis using trypsin immobilized in a silanized silica. “” series ions are shown in the reported sequence (b). Three-dimensional representation of the monomeric bovine serum albumin molecule, highlighting the regions in the molecule that were preferentially cleaved by trypsin immobilized on silanized silica (c). PDB ID code was used: 1E7I and PyMOL molecular graphical tool for image production.