Journal of Nanomaterials / 2018 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Hybrid Structures of ITO-Nanowire-Embedded ITO Film for the Enhanced Si Photodetectors

Table 1

Performance of the ITO-film device, ITO-NW device, and the hybrid-ITO (ITO-nanowire-embedded ITO film) device.

ITO filmITO NWsHybrid-ITO

Current at +1.5 V (mA/cm2)0.07790.07620.188
Current at −1.5 V (mA/cm2)−0.256−9.210.211
 Rectifying ratio161.377.167891.69
 Ideality factor1.731.921.25
Response ratio (/)4.851.1947.972
UV-reactive time () (s)0.008950.002150.0016
Recovery time () (s)0.00040.00040.0003