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Synthesis of Porous Octahedral ZnO/CuO Composites from Zn/Cu-Based MOF-199 and Their Applications in Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalytic Degradation of Dyes

Table 3

Comparison of the pseudo-first-order rate constant of the present catalyst with that of other catalysts.

CatalystSBET (m2·g−1)Light source (nm, power) (mg·L−1)/volume (mL)/ (mg)Pseudo-first-order rate constant, (min−1)References

ZnO8.21UV, 20 W10/100/500.022[52]
ZnO/graphene oxide31.58UV,20 W10/100/500.098[52]
Pristine TiO2 (P25)254, 11 W10/100/500.009[53]
Graphene-like carbon/TiO2254, 11 W10/100/500.248[53]
Pristine TiO2 (P25)51≤370, 18 W9.6/100/500.043[54]
Sm-TiO246370, 18 W9.60/100/500.020[54]
Ce-TiO246370, 18 W9.60/100/500.024[54]
TiO250340, 125 W23/2750/3750.025[55]
CdS111.2>420, 500 W25/200/800.0079[56]
g-C3N49.8>420, 500 W25/200/800.0039[56]
g-C3N4-CdS166.5>420, 500 W25/200/800.0121[56]
Ag/ZnO>570 (high pressure sodium lamp)5/–/1500.006[57]
Ta-ZnO36>420, 30010/50/500.0401[58]
CeO2-TiO266>420, 16010/100/800.0341[59]
ZnO/CuO33>420, 16010/500/4000.0532This work

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