Table 1: Adherence to the eight basic rules of the program.

4 weeks3 months6 months1 year

Take 3 meals a day99.083.375.065.4
Do not eat anything between meals for at least 5 hours96.777.365.152.7
Do not eat anything after 9 p.m.98.194.893.687.8
Each meal should not exceed 60 minutes93.593.091.586.5
Begin every meal with the protein portion98.189.082.768.9
Do not mix different types of protein in one meal95.980.569.655.1
Take fruit always at the end of the meal94.587.177.167.8
Drink at least the recommended quantity of water84.072.868.660.0

Database: 𝑁 = 4 7 2 ; data are presented as %, the response categories “completely” and “mainly” were put together.