Table 1: Nutrient composition of the test breads delivering 50 g available CHO (part 1)1.

11-grainSprouted-grain Sourdough 12-grain White

Total bread (g)151.0157.2107.3122.2 110.3
Available CHO (g)
Energy (kcal)320.2336.4277.9317.8273.7
Starch (g)44.946.345.442.543.6
Total sugars (g)
Soluble fiber (g)
Insoluble fiber (g)11.911.
Dietary fiber (g)12.812.
Protein (g)16.922.
Fat (g)

1Test breads were analyzed by Laboratories of Canada Incorporated (ILC) in Tillsonburg, ON.
2Available CHO was calculated using this formula: starch + total sugar.