Table 2: Foods contributing the highest proportion of dietary fiber1 for plausible energy reporters aged 2–11 and 12–18 by weight status.

Food ranking Healthy weight Overweight/obese

Ages 2–11

1Burrito with beans and cheese, meatlessBurrito with beans and cheese, meatless
2Banana, rawApple, raw
3Apple, rawWhite potato, French fries
4White potato, French friesFrosted Mini-Wheats cereal (all flavors)
5Spaghetti with tomato sauce and meat sauceBread, white
6Bread, whiteSalty snacks, corn or cornmeal, tortilla chips
7Pizza, cheese, thin crustOrange, raw
8Pizza with meat, thin crustBanana, raw
9Orange, rawSpaghetti with tomato sauce and meat sauce
10Pizza with meat, thick crustWaffle, plain
11Popcorn, popped in oil, butteredWhite potato, chips
12Peanut butterTortilla, corn
13Spaghetti with tomato sauce, meatlessBurrito with beef and beans (include burrito)
14Macaroni or noodles with cheeseBaked beans, vegetarian
15Roll, white, softMilk, chocolate, red fat, 2%
16Salty snacks, corn or cornmeal, tortilla chipsPizza with meat, thick crust
17Carrots, rawRefried beans
18Tortilla, cornPizza, cheese, thick crust (including English muffin)
19Milk, chocolate, red fat, 2%Pizza with meat, thin crust
20White potato, chipsCarrots, raw

Ages 12–18

1White potato, French friesPizza with meat, thick crust
2Burrito with beans and cheese, meatlessWhite potato, French fries
3Pizza with meat, thick crustSalty snacks, corn or cornmeal, tortilla chips
4Roll, white, softApple, raw
5Apple, rawBread, white
6Spaghetti with tomato sauce and meat saucePizza with meat, thin crust
7White potato, chipsSpaghetti with tomato sauce, meatless
8Salty snacks, corn or cornmeal, tortilla chipsBanana, raw
9Banana, rawTortilla, corn
10Raisin Bran, Kellogg’sCarrots, cooked, fat not added
11Pizza with meat, thin crustBurrito with beef and beans (include burrito)
12Peanut butterFrosted Mini-Wheats cereal (all flavors)
13Bread, whiteWhite potato, chips
14Bread, wheat or cracked wheatSpaghetti with tomato sauce and meat sauce
15Chicken patty/fillet/tenders, breaded, cookedSausage, potato and vegetables with gravy
16White potato, French friesWhite potato, French fries
17Baked beans, vegetarianRoll, white, soft
18Tortilla, flour (wheat)Bread, wheat or cracked wheat
19Pasta with tomato sauce and meat/meatballs, cannedBagel
20Popcorn, popped in oil, butteredSunflower seeds, hulled, roasted, salted

1 Proportion of dietary fiber is calculated as grams of total dietary fiber from food item/total gram of dietary fiber consumed.