Table 3: Odds ratio (OR) for disease risk factors of body mass index (BMI) for children aged 2–18 and fasting blood glucose for children aged 12–18 by 2-day average intake tertiles of total dietary fiber density for plausible energy reporters controlling for age, gender, ethnicity and income.

Medium tertile Highest tertile
OR 95% CIP > chisqOR95% CIP > chisq

Disease risk factor
 Overweight/obese by body mass  index for 2–18 year old children10.83(0.69, 0.99)0.0430.79(0.63, 0.98)0.031
 Overweight/obese by body mass  index for 2–11 year old children1 0.87(0.69, 1.10)0.2240.87(0.64, 1.18)0.365
 Overweight/obese by body mass  index for 12–18 year old children10.84(0.61, 1.16)0.2740.75(0.56, 1.00)0.043
 High fasting glucose for 12–18 year  old children20.68(0.54, 0.85) <0.0010.75 (0.55, 1.02) 0.070

1For age 2–18, body mass index is above 85th percentile.
2Fasting blood glucose level is more than 126 mg/dL.