Table 3: Biochemical composition of Old Misola (OM) and new Misola (NM) produced at Saint Camille Medical Centre.

Biochemical compositionOld MisolaNew Misola

Protein (g)1516.8
Lipid (g)1110.1
Glucides (g)6163
Added sugar10% of the formula13% of the formula
vitamins0.8% of the formula
minerals3 g0.8% of the formula
AmylaseGerminated sorghum flour800 mg Industrial Amylase1
Calories/kcal/100 g425405

1Amylases are enzymes that hydrolyze starch, that is, fragment chains cooked starches to provide soluble sugars. We switch from a thick consistency to a liquid without loss of nutrients. Amylase in the liquefaction has nothing in common with the dilution with water. The slurry becomes sweeter.
Amylases can be obtained locally from germinated cereals: malt sorghum, millet, or corn.
Indeed, we used to germinate the seeds and produce amylase, but this product was quickly spoilt by heat. That is why we are using industrial amylase now, as it is stable.
Dried, ground, and sieved, the malt is added in very small quantities in the hot porridge after cooking (as it is partly destroyed by heat).
The malt can also be added to the flour before cooking, but it is then necessary to add ten to fifteen times more. Amylase industry is not destroyed by cooking and is very powerful. Thus, it can be incorporated into the flour, in minute quantities before cooking.