Table 2: The usage of dietary supplements among professional athletes .


(1) Do you currently take dietary supplements?
(2) What is the main reason of using dietary supplements?
 Improve my health32.632
 Prevent injury 9.19
 Physical appearance11.211
(3) Where do you usually buy your dietary supplements?
 Retail store or pharmacy11.211
 Athletic trainer or physician65.364
 Nutritionist or dietician18.318
 Online store 4.04
(4) From whom do you get information about dietary supplements?
 Nutritionist or dietician 28.528
 Academic journals 4.04
(5) Age
 <25 years old43.843
 >26 years old 56.155
(6) What is your highest level of education?
 Less than high school 8.18
 High school47.947
 Some college 23.423
 Bachelor’s degree 13.213
 Graduate or professional degree 7.17
(7) How long have you been a professional football player?
 <9 years 81.680
 >10 years 18.318

These results showed that the response does differ significantly from the hypothesized value (0.05) indicating that reasons for taking dietary supplements differ from each individual.