Table 3: Perception of dietary supplements and usages among professional athletes ( ).


(8) Dietary supplements make me healthier
 Somewhat agree 13.213
 Neither agree nor disagree 4.04
(9) Dietary supplements improve my endurance
 Somewhat agree 16.316
 Neither agree nor disagree 12.212
 Somewhat disagree 4.04
(10) Dietary supplements are safe to use
 Somewhat agree 44.944
 Neither agree nor disagree 8.18
 Somewhat disagree 3.03
 Don not know 2.02
(11) Dietary supplements provide me with more energy
 Somewhat agree 25.525
 Neither agree nor disagree 6.16
 Somewhat disagree 1.01
(12) Dietary supplements increase the amount of training I can undergo
 Somewhat agree 32.932
 Neither agree nor disagree 20.420
 Somewhat disagree 1.01
(13) Dietary supplements increase my strength
 Somewhat agree 21.421
 Neither agree nor disagree 16.316
 Somewhat disagree 3.03
(14) Dietary supplements increase my ability to cope with pain
 Somewhat agree 31.431
 Neither agree nor disagree 28.528
 Somewhat disagree 7.17
(15) Dietary supplements improve my concentration
 Somewhat agree 23.423
 Neither agree nor disagree 25.525
 Somewhat disagree 5.15

Note. These results showed that the response does differ significantly ( ) from the hypothesized value (0.05) indicating that reasons for taking dietary supplements differ for each individual.