Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Validity of Nutritional Screening Tools for Hospitalized Children

Table 1

Subjects characteristics of the participants.

Characteristics Total ()Percentage (%)

 1–≤5 years4236.21
 5–≤10 years4538.79
 >10 years2925
Underlying disease
 Oncology disorder5043.10
 Renal disease1210.34
 Infection disease1714.65
 Bleeding diathesis65.17
 Neurological disorder32.59
 Neurological disorder with infection disease65.17
 Neurological disorder with respiratory condition32.59
 Cardiac disease32.59
 Immunological disorder21.72
 Endocrinology disease10.86
 Gastrointestinal disease 54.31
 Respiratory disorder86.90
Acute malnutrition (WFH < −2 SD)
 Malnutrition prevalence3328.44
 Moderate malnutrition 1714.66
 Severe malnutrition1613.79
Chronic malnutrition (HFA < −2 SD)
 Severely stunted2420.69