Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism / 2014 / Article / Tab 5

Research Article

Validity of Nutritional Screening Tools for Hospitalized Children

Table 5

Comparison of screening tools based on 4 main principles of a screening tool according to ESPEN [9, 10].

ToolsMain principles according to ESPENAim of each screening tool
Current nutritional statusWeight lossReduced intakeDisease severityIdentify nutritional statusIdentify need for nutritional interventionPredict clinical outcome without intervention

STRONG-kids #

Current nutritional status by STRONG-kids is not evaluated by BMI but by subjective clinical assessments.
*Disease severity in PYMS is not evaluated based on underlying disease that has nutritional implications as in STAMP or STRONG-kids, but on whether the child’s nutrition will be affected by recent condition for at least the next week.