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Performance Enhancing Diets and the PRISE Protocol to Optimize Athletic Performance

Table 2

Resistance exercise (R).

Circle the exercises performed from each categoryReps/timeResistance

Dynamic warm-upPerform prior to each workout (5–10 minutes):  
(1) Pendulum swings (side-to-side)(7) Over-under the fence
(2) Pendulum swings (front-to-back) (8) Hip opening/closing
(3) High knee (chest) (9) High knees
(4) High knee (external rotation)(10) Butt kicks
(5) Side shuffle(11) Lunge with twist
(6) Carioca(12) Arm windmills

Footwork and agilityPerform using agility ladder (10 minutes):
(1) Forward, double-step (1) Side shuffle
(2) Sideways double-step(2) Figure 8’s
(3) Side-step, double in/out (3) Kangaroo hops 2/1 foot
(4) Side shuffle, two-in/out (4) Kangaroo hops, sideways
(5) Two leg hops(5) T-drill
(6) One leg hops(6) Jump rope
(7) Two leg hops, in/out
(8) One leg hops, in/out
(9) One leg hops, sideways

Resistance and power exercisesPerform each below (10 minutes):Perform each below (10 minutes):
(1) Side-steps toes in/out, ankles/knees(1) Back rows/flys
  -Side-steps with bands and med ball(2) Pull-ups
(2) Forward/backward walk with bands(3) Chest press/fly
(3) Squats (4) Pushups (choose one):
(4) Lunges with tubing (with med ball)  (i) Side walking
(5) Lateral lunges (with med ball) (ii) Knees/toes w/physioball
Choose 2 below: (iii) Down dog
(6) Front step-ups  (iv) Side to side (ball)
(7) Squat thrusts, med ball throws  (v) Heart-to-heart
(8) Jump squats (vi) Hi/low
(9) Mountain climbers(5) Front/lateral raises
(10) Squat-plank-jump squats(6) Biceps curls
(11) Lateral step-ups (7) Shoulder press
(8) Hyperextensions

Core ExercisesPerform 4 below (10 minutes): Perform 4 below (5 minutes):
(1) Plank knees elbows/hands (1) Knees to chest
(2) Plank toes elbows/hands(2) Hyperextension on ball
(3) Plank one leg elbows(3) Reverse planks
(4) Plank one leg hands on ball(4) Ab hollow
(5) Side planks foot-elbow/twist(5) Walking sit-ups
(6) Side planks hand stars(6) Crunch bent knee
(7) Airplanes (7) Tug-of-war
(8) Supermans/womans(8) Side touch/scissors/toe
(9) Crunches on ball
(10) Plank with ball on knees/toes

Resistance exercises utilize medicine balls, physioballs, rubber tubes and bands which are incorporated into a dynamic warm-up, footwork and agility drills, resistance and power movements, and core exercises, bodyweight exercises (e.g., lunges, squats, and jumping rope). A 5 minute cool down follows the R routine with gentle stretching. Total R exercise time is 60 minutes.

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