Table 11: Food, beverages, and bioactive compounds with demonstrated, or potential, clinical impact on detoxification systems.

Food or beverageNutrient bioactive compounds

Allium vegetables Astaxanthin 
Apiaceous vegetables Caffeic acid 
Black raspberry Catechins (including EGCG) 
Black tea Chrysin 
Blueberry Curcumin 
Chamomile tea Daidzein 
Chicory root Ellagic acid 
Citrus Ferulic acid 
Coffee Fish oil 
Cruciferous vegetables (with potential Genistein 
for distinct effects of different Luteolin 
crucifers) Lycopene 
Dandelion tea MCTs 
Garlic Myricetin 
Ghee N-acetyl cysteine 
Ginger Naringenin
Grapefruit Quercetin 
Green tea Resveratrol 
Honeybush tea Retinoic acid (vitamin A)
Peppermint tea 
Purple sweet potato 
Rooibos tea 
Soybean/black soybean