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Self-Organized One-Dimensional TiO๐Ÿ Nanotube/Nanowire Array Films for Use in Excitonic Solar Cells: A Review

Table 1

Absorption, emission, and electrochemical properties of SQ-1, SK-1, SK-2 dyes, and P3HT polymer [7, 51].

Dye/Polymer ๐œ† a a b s , nm ( ๐œ€ , Mโˆ’1cmโˆ’1) ๐œ† a e m , nm ๐ธ b o x /[V versus Fc/Fc+] ๐ธ c 0 - 0 , [eV] ๐ธ d H O M O , [eV] ๐ธ d L U M O , [eV]

SK-1342, 5826420.412.005.213.21
SK-2359, 6197210.631.855.433.58
SQ-1 dye637 (159, 700)6520.381.935.183.25

aAbsorption and emission spectra were measured in ethanol solution.
bA silver wire was used as a pseudoreference electrode and was calibrated with a ferrocene/ferrocenium (Fc/Fc+) redox couple. The electrochemical experiments were measured in CH3CN with 0.1โ€‰M ( ๐‘› -C4H9)4NPF6 with a scan rate of 100โ€‰mVsโˆ’1.
c ๐ธ 0 - 0 was determined from intersection of absorption and emission spectra in ethanol.
dThe energy levels of the HOMO and LUMO were determined using the following equations: ๐ธ H O M O (eV) = ๐ธ o x โˆ’ ๐ธ F C / F C + + 4.8โ€‰eV and ๐ธ L U M O (eV) = ๐ธ H O M O โˆ’ ๐ธ 0 - 0 .

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