Review Article

One-Dimensional SnO2 Nanostructures: Synthesis and Applications

Figure 10

Demonstration of absorption and fluorescence schemes using individual SnO2 nanoribbon waveguides. (a) Dark-field photoluminescence image of the absorption scheme showing an analyte centered in the middle of the ribbon and the labeled excitation and collection locations. (b) Spectra recorded after the SnO2 defect emission traversed through the ribbon in air (black), pure glycol (green), and 1 mM dye-loaded glycol (red). (c) Bright-field image of 2 μm yellow-green fluorescent polystyrene beads placed with an optical trap precisely on or near a SnO2 nanoribbon. (d) Fluorescence image of beads after waveguiding of photoluminescence from the SnO2 ribbon. Inset: false color expansion of bead 1 during UV excitation of the ribbon.