Table 1: Raman and SERS bands of L-ascorbic acid and their vibrational assignment

RamanSERSVibrational assignmenta

743w763sO–H out of plane def.
798sh800O–H out of plane def.
820s819C=C str in ring
87 m883C=C str in ring
993w1012C–H bend; O–H bend
1025m1030C–O–H bend
1064w1061C–O–C str.
1128vs1190C–O–C str.
1198w1211C–C(=O)–O str.
1256sC–O–C bend+tw
1319s1322C–H bend
1372w1380C–O–H bend+ CH2 w
1451w1441sC–H bend+ CH2 sc
1489w1488mC–H bend
1498 m1504wC–H bend
1656s split1584 tripletC=C str in ring

aReferences [3436].