Research Article

Troglitazone Reduces Glyoxalase I Protein Expression in Glioma and Potentiates the Effects of Chemotherapeutic Agents

Figure 2

(a) Representative Western blots showing GLO-1 protein expression after treatment of U-373 cells with 10, 25, 50, and 100  πœ‡ M troglitazone (TRG) for various time periods. Note loss of 𝛽 -actin control at 72 hrs for 100  πœ‡ M TRG concentration, reflecting loss of cell viability at this time point. (b) A representative gel showing semiquantitative reverse transcription PCR of GLO-1 following treatment of U-373 cells with 50  πœ‡ M TRG. (c) Densitometry analysis of Western blots showing GLO-1 expression after U-373 cells were treated with concentrations of TRG. Asterisks demark time points with a significance of 𝑃 < . 0 1 compared to control based on Student’s two-tailed 𝑑 -test. Each data point is the mean and SEM of three separate experiments performed at the specified condition.